Clearing, one of the 77 semi-official community areas with a population of 24,976 is in Cook County, located on the southwest side of the city of Chicago, Illinois. The southern portion of Chicago Midway International Airport is located within this community area.Clearing is a great area to live in. Schools are new and the public schools in Clearing are above average. There's large parks, many summer festivals, friendly neighbors and walking distance to many stores. Many homeowners in this area choose to remodel instead of moving. If you love to travel like me, being 10 minutes away from Midway Airport is a plus. Living in Clearing offers residents a dense suburban feel. There are two places to look if you're hungry and in Clearing. The first would be 63rd Street, which cuts horizontally through the neighborhood. You might also have some luck on Cicero Avenue on the neighborhood's east side. As for the type of fare you'll find, there's plenty of variety: Mexican, deli sandwiches, brunch, burgers, and, of course, hot dogs and pizza. It's still Chicago, after all.