Greater Grand Crossing is one of the 77 community areas of Chicago, Illinois with a population of 30,149. It is in Cook County and located on the city's South Side. Chatham and Greater Grand Crossing are two South Side community areas that are linked by a busy African American business district, spanning from 75th Street in Greater Grand Crossing to 79th Street in Chatham. Grand Crossing began as a simple railroad junction. The train tracks are still there, but now days this south side Chicago neighborhood is loaded with affordable single-family homes and condos. Living in Grand Crossing offers residents an urban suburban mix feel. The neighborhood is home to some of the South Side’s most beloved locally owned businesses, innovative community organizations, historic park spaces, and rows of quaint, bungalow-lined residential streets. Original Soul Vegetarian, Maxwell Street Grill and Amazcakes are some notable destinations for foodies in Greater Grand Crossing.