West Elsdon, one of the 77 official community areas, is located on the southwest side of the City of Chicago, Illinois with a population of 20,385. It is in Cook County and noted as a twin neighborhood of West Lawn. A sister community to West Lawn, West Elsdon shares a similar history and a proximity to Midway Airport. Built on marshy swamp land in the early 20th Century, the area saw a boom after World War II that has since dissipated, which suits West Elsdon just fine. The area couldn't handle much more activity or expansion; as one of Chicago's smallest community areas, West Elsdon is only one square mile in size, but it is brimming with history, eclectic architecture, and a rich culinary scene. Living in West Elsdon offers residents a dense suburban feel. In West Elsdon there are a lot of bars and parks. The culinary scene in West Elsdon is blossoming, and even expanding to different parts of the city. Demand for tacos, pierogies, and encased meats has brought satellite restaurants and stores from West Elsdon to the heart of downtown Chicago. Even unassuming local diners are home to a number of culinary treasures.